ASK Gretchen a Slade: Babies, Weddings, Sex and More!

Gretchen and Slade love their dedicated fans and this week they’re answering some of their biggest questions in a special edition of "Ask Gretchen a Slade"!  From sex a marriage to RHOC drama, the happy couple is holding nothing back! How often are they having sex and is everyday too much? Gretchen shares her worst moment on RHOC! Who do they still keep in touch with from the show and how do they feel about the new cast?  Does Gretchen miss being on Housewives and would they ever be on another reality show?  They've been together for over 10 years now, so are wedding bells finally in the near future? Gretchen reveals what it’s like to raise a child during a pandemic and shares if they plan to have another baby or not. Plus, Skylar recently celebrated her one year birthday with a spectacular mermaid-themed party! Wait 'til you hear all the details! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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