How To Become A Bad-Ass Businesswoman, Life After Marriage a Divorce, Co-Parenting and More With "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" Star Tracy Tutor!

On today's episode, Gretchen a Slade come full circle in the real estate world as they welcome Tracy Tutor, the first-ever female to star on the hit reality show "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles". From waiting tables to becoming a bad-ass mogul in a tough business to starring on a successful reality show, the single Mother of 2 dishes on everything from her favorite co-stars, the juicy behind-the-scenes moments that didn't air, how the real drama lies with her male co-stars and how her insecurities almost prevented her from joining the show.  Tracy holds nothing back and sets the record straight on how reality TV was not the reason for her divorce and why she thinks marriage should be a lease. Despite a public break up from her ex-husband, Tracy admits she's having lots of fun dating as a single woman and hasn't ruled out the idea of getting married again. As a hard-working Mom, she gives Gretchen a Slade parenting advice on the toughest years raising her daughters, her current co-parenting experience and what it's really like to be called a “hot mom.” Tracy is also the author of a new book called, "Fear Is Just A Four-Letter Word: How To Develop The Unstoppable Confidence To Own Any Room”. She gives essential tips to help women stand out in business and teach them how showing vulnerability is just one of the things that's made her successful. Slade gets in touch with his feminine side, while the ladies chat about what it means to fight like a girl, why women's intuitions are better than a man's and why Tracy embraces being called a bitch! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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