Actor a Comedian Alec Mapa: Fatherhood, Family a Celebrity

Gretchen and Slade share behind-the-scene drama and secrets of their time on RHOC and expose the real reason for leaving the popular reality show. Actor and comedian Alec Mapa chats it up with Gretchen and Slade about his journey to adopt a 5-year-old boy with his husband 11 years ago and how he’s juggled the different stages of parenthood over the years. No subject is off limits. Alec gets candid about what it means to have a "pansexual" child and how he deals with other parents who judge him. He explains the biggest difference between gay versus straight parents, and why he thinks his unconventional family is no different than anyone else's. From sex to astrology to famous co-stars, Alec shares his insider scoop of working with some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities over the years. It's a laugh-out-loud episode and an important reminder for people understand it's ok to live outside the norm and overcome stereotypes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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