#158 - Sex Positive Parenting

In this podcast we talk with Dr. Deb (Dr. Deborah Bateson) and Christy (Dr. Christy Newman) about sex positive parenting. We explore how to raise the issue of sexuality with children, starting the conversation, and sexual education in general. We discuss ways to create an open and safe home environment. A central theme is communicating on an age appropriate and child appropriate level in each family. And finally, how and when do you talk to your children about porn? Links we talk about in the podcast are: The Amazing True Story Of How Babies Are Made by Fiona Katauskas - https://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780733333880/the-amazing-true-story-of-how-babies-are-made/  Talk Soon. Talk Often. - https://talksoontalkoften.wordpress.com/  Drawn to Sex: The Basics by Erica Moen a Matthew Nolan - https://onipress.com/products/drawn-to-sex-the-basics  Oh Joy Sex Toy by Erica Moen a Matthew Nolan - https://onipress.com/collections/drawntosex/products/oh-joy-sex-toy-volume  Body Talk - https://bodytalk.org.au/  Making Sense of Sex by Sarah Attwood - https://www.amazon.com/Making-Sense-Sex-Forthright-Relationships/dp/1843103745   Family Planning NSW - https://www.fpnsw.org.au/   Centre for Social Research in Health - https://csrh.arts.unsw.edu.au/   Proudly part of the Swingset.fm team! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BytheBiPodcast On Facebook @BytheBiPodcast On Instagram @BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Want to help us out? Sure you do!!! Help us out on Patreon here Check out our OnlyFans page here Wanna get your own prize from Geeky Sex Toys? Head over here! Please help out, and donate to Bi+ Visibility by clicking the link here! Leave some feedback for us on whatever medium you listen to your podcasts on. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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