#141 - Orgylicious

This episode is all about orgies! We being with talk about the health and safety aspects, play style conflicts, and some of the things we have learned from multiple origes that we have experienced. In the second half we tell some of our favorite recent orgy stories. Some of our expereinces from MMMF to MFMFMF to MFMFMs . We cover a lot of sexy times! Proudly part of the Swingset.fm team! Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BytheBiPodcast On Facebook @BytheBiPodcast On Instagram @BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Want to help us out? Sure you do!!! Help us out on Patreon here Check out our OnlyFans page here Wanna get your own prize from Geeky Sex Toys? Head over here! Please help out, and donate to Bi+ Visibility by clicking the link here! Leave some feedback for us on whatever medium you listen to your podcasts on. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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