#108 - Pendulum VI a Femme

Join us this week as we bring The Gentleman back tondiscuss our combined experiences at the most recent Pendulum party!  Oh, look at all the sexy people; where do they all come from!?! Then we let Mrs Atom enchant is with tales of Femme, the First Ladies only night at Our Secret Spot. So go grab a drink!  Then, sit back, enjoy, and as always, thank you for listening!   Find us on social media!!! On Twitter @BytheBiPodcast On Facebook BytheBiPodcast On Instagram @BytheBiPodcast Or email us here Check out our OnlyFans page here Want to help us out? Sure you do!!! Leave some feedback for us on whatever medium you listen to your podcasts on. On iTunes you can do it anonymously: – Start iTunes – Click on the menu ‘Account -g View My Account’ – Look for ‘Settings -g Nickname’ – Click on ‘Edit Nickname’ – Set the Nickname you would like – Click ‘Submit’ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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