E9: Expectations: The Silent Killer of Relationships

How aware are you of your day to day expectations? Of what you're expecting from life, your significant other or even strangers that you run into throughout the day? Chances are you carry dozens, if not hundreds of expectations throughout each day. And chances are also good, that you're only aware of a small fraction of them. Think of a recent interaction where you became frustrated, angry or disappointed. This could be with a romantic partner, a coworker, a friend, a family member. But what caused the upset? Did they leave dirty dishes in the sink? Did they not respond to your e-mail, your text? Or did they not invite you to go out last weekend? In most cases, the anger, frustration or hurt you feel has more to do with your unmet expectations than it does with whatever actually happened. And today, we're going to explore this. We'll explain how uncommunicated expectations are harmful to ourselves and our relationships. We're going to talk about a few simple ways of bringing awareness to our expectations. And lastly, we'll talk about ways to hold expectations, no matter how high they may be, in a healthy, positive, truth based way. Show Notes: https://michaelssorensen.com/podcast/e9-expectations-the-silent-killer-of-relationships

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