For the Love of Chocolate

Eric gains a very powerful ally along his quest to better manhood: the Black woman. In this episode, he extolls his love for them and why black women matter — reasons that go beyond the basics of love and companionship. But Eric is still new on his journey into middle-aged, single life. He is contending with self-image a.k.a. his weight, and temptation awaits him around every corner — even at a birthday party. ------------------------ Download your Free 60 Minutes of Self-Care worksheet pack, please visit ( It makes a great companion to the above meditation. Support the show at: ( (i) or$epayne ($epayne) To learn more about the show visit ( and please, follow me on Instagram (@ericlpayne) to see what I'm up to behind the scenes. Have a question for me? Click here and ask away or email me at info[at]datingafterdivorce[dot]guide. I may feature it as a topic in a future episode. Support this podcast

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