Monday Motivation: You Are WORTHY, A Guided Meditation

It's when things are most challenging that we begin to wonder why we are here or for that matter, do we matter? In today's Monday Motivation I share (for a limited time only) a guided meditation that I originally created based on affirmations I used to tell myself when I was going through the worst of times — divorce, unemployment, loneliness, my father's illness, to name a few. It's especially applicable now in the Time of Coronavirus. Today's episode features You Are Worthy: A Guided Meditation for the Divorced, The Downtrodden and Those Who Are Down on Their Luck. Given our current collective experiences, nationally and globally, this meditation is for all as we cope with the COVID19 pandemic. I hope and pray that this 10 minute exercise will be a help to you or something you can pass along to someone in need. Additionally, download your Free 60 Minutes of Self-Care worksheet pack, please visit ( It makes a great companion to today's meditation. ----------------------------- Check out podcast merch at: ( To learn more about the show visit ( and follow me on Instagram (@ericlpayne) to see what I'm up to behind the scenes. Have a question for me? Click here and ask away or email me at info[at]datingafterdivorce[dot]guide. I may feature it as a topic in a future episode. Support this podcast

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