Monday Motivation: How To Beat The Coronavirus Blues

So here we are in the midst of a pandemic that has been months in the making, but took only a week's worth of media and peer pressure to turn life upside down here in the U.S. If you're home like I am take a listen and get your week started off right with some insights and tips on how to beat the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus Blues. Something I didn't mention in this episode: stay informed, but stay away from media, especially social media, that insights fear and panic. Wait until the end for the big reveal. If you like the show, please share it with a couple people who you think might like it too. ???????? --------------------- My Robinhood signup link. Sign up today and get free stock while you're at it: Check out podcast merch at: To learn more about the show visit Have a question for me? Click here and ask away or email me at info[at]datingafterdivorce[dot]guide. I may feature it as a topic in a future episode. Support this podcast

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