#180: How To Identify and Avoid Emotionally Unavailable Men

Let’s talk about emotionally unavailable men … What does that mean? How can you tell if a man is emotionally unavailable? What should you do if you realize the guy you’re talking to is emotionally unavailable? In this episode, I answer all these questions! You’ll find out that you’ve been on dates with, or dated, emotionally unavailable men. It’s not as hard as you think to detect them, it’s more difficult to cut them off and move on. If you’re a woman who is ready for marriage and looking for that marriage-minded man, then don’t waste your time with someone who can’t be in a relationship. If you feel like you can’t get to know that man you’re talking to, or you’re confused by him, it’s possible he’s emotionally unavailable. Tune in to learn how to identity emotionally unavailable men and what to do about them! Starr’s Resources:
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