#143: A Massive Overlooked Issue That Keeps People Single

As a single woman, I’m sure you’ve listened to dozens, if not hundreds, of YouTube videos on singleness and dating, listened to plenty of wisdom from Matthew Hussey, and received too much unsolicited advice from everyone around you. I’m a Love Coach for single Christian women and though I’ve heard much of the same advice as you have, I am certain I’ve never heard anyone talk about what I’m going to talk about on today’s episode. I learned about this massive, overlooked issue that keeps people single because of my clients, the women in our Confident Single Woman Facebook group, and from single friends. I had to bring this to light on today’s episode and discuss how it may be impacting you in your single life. This issue applies to so many people, men and women alike, and it’s something that people don’t even consider to be a hindrance. However, I see how this issue slows down people’s progress toward finding someone they want to be with forever. Thank you for tuning in today and for sharing this episode to those you know it’ll help! 7 Questions To Help You Identify Your Standards [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/standards The 7 Most Common Roadblocks To Love [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/gift The Marriage-Minded Online Dating Academy: https://www.StarrBurroughs.com/MODA Join our free Facebook Community: The Confident Single Woman http://www.starrburroughs.com/facebook-group Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/starrburroughsbooks The Ineligible Bachelorette: https://amzn.to/2xmE49u Email: Starr@StarrBurroughs.com

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