#139: 3 Signs You Need a Man's Validation

Have you ever caught yourself seeking validation from a man? Going on dates wondering, hoping that he chooses you. Maybe you’ve felt your best about yourself when you’re dating. Or you feel most valuable when you have a man’s attention. If you’ve caught yourself needing to feel important and valued, but you can only get those feelings when a man chooses you, then you’re seeking validation from a man. Tune in to today’s episode, 3 Signs You Need a Man’s Validation, to learn if this is you! 7 Questions To Help You Identify Your Standards [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/standards The 7 Most Common Roadblocks To Love [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/gift The Marriage-Minded Online Dating Academy: https://www.StarrBurroughs.com/MODA Join our free Facebook Community: The Confident Single Woman http://www.starrburroughs.com/facebook-group Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/starrburroughsbooks The Ineligible Bachelorette: https://amzn.to/2xmE49u Email: Starr@StarrBurroughs.com

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