#114: How To Have A Meaningful Conversation

Sometimes we just need to move beyond the small talk, but don’t always know how. We try, but they don’t bite. Or, maybe they try, but we don’t bite. If the conversation doesn’t move beyond surface level information like favorite shows, career details, weekend plans, how could you ever actually have a connection with someone? You can’t! It’s pertinent to learn to be curious about the person you’re talking to, how to be yourself around him, and how to enjoy small talk that leads to more meaningful conversations. If you’ve ever wondered:   Why don’t I connect with anyone? Why do I hate small talk so much? What kinds of questions should I ask on a date? How can I be more vulnerable?   Then this episode is for you! Tune in to learn more about how to have meaningful conversations with people you just met, or those acquaintances you’d like to know more! Free Love Breakthrough Strategy Session: www.StarrBurroughs.com/Apply The 7 Most Common Roadblocks To Love [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/gift 7 Questions To Help You Identify Your Standards [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/standards Join our free Facebook Community: The Confident Single Woman http://www.starrburroughs.com/facebook-group Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/starrburroughsbooks The Ineligible Bachelorette: https://amzn.to/2xmE49u Contact: starr@starrburroughs.com

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