#103: What's a Strong Woman Supposed To Do?

Have you ever been called a “Strong Woman?” Typically, that cliche is given with a negative connotation. Why is it that a strong woman isn’t seen as a positive thing? Do we really live in a society where putting the words “strong” and “woman” next to each other is bad? If you’re yelling, “YES!,” then listen up! Being a strong woman is a good thing. Absolutely! You can be successful, educated, financially well-off, and strong while STILL being attractive to the right men!! However, there’s a possibility that the vibe you’re giving off (in addition to your amazing attributes) is perceived negatively: Domineering, uncaring, unfeminine, abrasive, etc. So tune in to learn more about what a strong woman can do, what she should NEVER change, and what things she can change. Take the SURVEY here: https://www.StarrBurroughs.com/Survey The 7 Most Common Roadblocks To Love [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/gift 7 Questions To Help You Identify Your Standards [Free]: http://www.starrburroughs.com/standards Join our free Facebook Community: The Confident Single Woman http://www.starrburroughs.com/facebook-group Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/starrburroughsbooks The Ineligible Bachelorette: https://amzn.to/2xmE49u Contact: starr@starrburroughs.com

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