Susie and Gyles are in high spirits today as they lead us on a discovery to the essence of our souls…at least etymologically! We are delving into the world of spirits but not the religious or ghostly type but the alcoholic kind. This exploration will take us across the globe as we visit Geneva for our gin followed by a jaunt to Japan to discover why ordering “Sake” at a bar is a bad idea. Susie will take us on a trip to Germany for a mouthful of Shnaps before she escorts us to India for a hot toddy to soothe her cold. We will learn why the name Gyles ‘Brandy’ Brandreth leaves Gyles blushing and Susie and Gyles reveal the winning sonnet sent in from a Purple Person. So without further ado, let’s raise a shot size glass and exclaim one of these (at one point) traditional customs: ‘What Cheer’, ‘Cheers’ or/and ‘What’cha’. A Somethin’ Else production We love answering your wordy questions on the show so please do keep sending them into To buy SRWP mugs and more head to.... If you would like to sign up to Apple Subs please follow this link and make sure that you are running the most up-to-date IOS on your computer/device otherwise it won’t work. Susie’s trio: Brachiate - to swing through the trees with ease using your arms Hirrient - a trilling sound (purring of a cat, or rolling your ‘r’s’) Chirocracy - to ‘rule by hand’, the result of ruling with force Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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