As we reach the middle of our week-long focus on stirring up our affections for God, today we’re going to create space to simply delight in God’s love. Oftentimes focusing on the simple, foundational aspects of our relationship with God will produce more fruit than trying to journey beyond them. And I pray that God reveals his love in a tangible and fresh way today for you and me as we open our hearts to meet with him.

Our Scripture for today comes from John 17:26, and today's worship is Joy of the Lord (feat. Katie Torwalt, Dante Bowe & Naomi Raine) by Maverick City Music | TRIBL.


We are so excited to share our latest worship song, Coming Through, featuring Jeremiah Brinkley! Check it out on the various streaming platforms here or over at our YouTube channel, here!


There are two things you and I need most: secure connection and unconditional love. 

It’s impossible to live with confidence unless we have the sense of self that comes from secure connection with our heavenly Father. And it’s impossible to fully love ourselves and others unless we experience and trust in the unconditional love of the one who gave us life. 

We pray our printed devotionals, Closer and Love, help people like you experience the connection and unconditional love available to you in God every morning.  

Everything changes when we live from a place of secure connection and unending love. Get your copy at!

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