#10566 Open Forum for Non-Catholics - Steve Ray

Questions Covered: 06:33 – I heard a Capuchin Franciscan say that in the story in Mt. 15:21, Jesus was prejudiced, and he had to learn not to be.  Is this true? https://catholicconvert.com/is-jesus-being-harsh-calling-a-woman-a-dog-in-todays-gospel-reading/  15:00 – How do you go about overcoming hurdles like calling the pope holy father? I feel more inclined to believe what the early Church believed and not what the Catholic Church teaches?  24:42 – The canonization of Juan Diego is my reason why the Church is not the real Church.  I don’t think the Church speaks infallibly on canonizations. What’s your response?  36:05 – What are the roots of the Catholic view of baptism? How is that different from the protestant view?  44:34 – There’s a verse in the bible that says to not pray to the dead. Praying to Mary is different because she’s dead. Wouldn’t that be more like a séance?  52:20 – Why do Catholics make the church services so boring?  …

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