E89 Truth Or Drink with Emmy a Ian

Today we are joined by our younger and cooler counterparts, Ian Smith and Emmy Hartman, and the 21 year olds drink us under the table to assert their dominance. We answer your burning questions like “who is the worst internet person you’ve ever met?”, and “have you ever broken the law?” This inspires the pair to answer many questions we did not ask. This is the most chaotic episode we’ve ever made. Thank you to our sponsors: Dipsea - Dipseastories.com/STRAIGHT for a 30-day free trial Aura Frames - auraframes.com promo code: DATING for up to $100 off now until Mother’s Day Reliefband -  reliefband.com promo code: DATING for 20% off + free shipping Upstart - upstart.com/DATING to lower your monthly payments See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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