Libs Lunatics are Force Masking Toddlers in NYC Again

NYC was supposed to get better under Mayor Eric Adams, but Adams is a Democrat so it turns out he’s bad at governance. No shock there. He’s also too much of a coward- can’t upset the teachers unions!- to take masks off kids' faces in schools. Meanwhile, there could be a million illegals crossing into America in less than two months once Title 42 authority is gone. The lawlessness at our southern border will be the most out of control ever- what will this mean for Biden’s political future and the midterms? Plus, Elon Buys a Major Stake in Twitter, signaling he may turn it into a major free speech platform instead of a woke lib loony bin.    Please subscribe to the podcast! And get more exclusive content from Buck at Find Buck on: Twitter @BuckSexton    Facebook @BuckSexton  Instagram @BuckSexton  Email the Podcast: See for privacy information.

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