Let's talk about money

You’ve decided who lives where, and maybe you’re even working on a settlement agreement. But when it comes to dividing up your finances, how are you best to go about it? And what bills and paperwork do you need to have access to? Because as we all know, when you share your life with someone you share pretty much everything. On this episode of Divorce Story Cass Thorburn and Annaliese Dent are joined by financial expert Melissa Browne to discuss money, from financial stock takes to budgets. Credits Produced by Cass Thorburn (@cassthorburn) a Annaliese Dent (@annaliesedent) The Executive Producer a Head of Audio at Pacific is Elissa Ratliff The original music used in Divorce Story is composed by Jackson Stefanovic With thanks to Melissa Browne.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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