How My Client Used Strict Discipline to Permanently Overcome Weight Fluctuations, Lost 21 pounds and Packed On The Muscle

We all have a friend who is able to keep their weight stable. He never looks bloated, and He seems to be able to eat whatever He wants without gaining weight.

But if you're like most people, you've probably struggled with your weight at some point in your life. Maybe you've tried one diet after another, but nothing has worked.

You've probably heard this before: You begin a new diet and stick with it for a few days before giving up. After a week, you're sick of chicken and broccoli and decide to abandon your diet altogether and go back to ordering pizza every night for dinner.

My client, Luke Nakatani, spent his high school days as a 278-pound teenager. After spending years unhappy with his body, Luke finally became motivated to do something about it when he discovered the my 12 week program on But after years of making excuses for himself and never following through on his goals, Luke was worried that he wouldn't be able to stick with the program.

Luke fell in love with food in Southeast Asia 6-7 years ago. When he got home, he lost weight swiftly. He went to the doctor, who found he had stomach parasites. He took a long time to recover. He got better, and he started gaining weight again.

When the COVID-19 epidemic hit and many countries were forced into lockdown, Luke was confined at home playing online games and neglecting his diet.

He moved to London to work. Due to London's culture, society, and large food portions, he started living an unhealthy way of life and gained more weight again

He then found me on Instagram and asked if he could do a one-on-one training program with me
It took three months for Luke and I to work together, but he has already lost 21 pounds!

Through a combination of strict discipline and intense workout routines, Luke was able to completely transform his body and increase his lean muscle mass.

Luke's new lifestyle has yielded several benefits beyond weight loss and increased muscle mass. And as a result of his increased energy and productivity, he looks and feels better than ever!

Check out this episode with my client Luke Nakatani as he discusses his fantastic weight loss journey and how he was able to permanently overcome his weight instabilities while simultaneously gaining a huge amount of muscle!

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