82 | Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley has established a niche as a provider of high-quality CBD- and THC-based products. Co-founder, President and Chief Product Officer Guy Rocourt has been a driving force in this emergence. While he has a hand in many aspects of the business, his greatest passion may be as an advocate for the plant. Listen to this episode for insights from Guy into how:

  • Cannabis is personalized medicine, with pretty much with zero downside compared to pharma.
  • There's so much misinformation due to the artificial separation of "hemp CBD" versus "cannabis CBD"
  • All cannabis is about wellness. Papa & Barkley is not in the topicals category, or the edibles category  or the tincture category. They are in the cannabis category.
  • Before the late 1800s we actually had much more cannabis in our diet simply because as a weed, it was mixed into foodstuffs. It was available and used as medicine.
  • Papa & Barley make solventless medicines as close to a whole plant thing as possible.
  • Guy's chance meeting with Montel Williams set him on the road to becoming a cannabis grower and entrepreneur  

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