21. When politics and religion pull us apart

How do we navigate the tension, the rage, the disunity all around us? It's discouraging, disheartening, and disappointing. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Sarah Bauer Anderson, author of The Space Between: How Jesus Teaches Us to Live Together When Politics and Religion Pull Us Apart, joins me today to discuss how to be the people God created us to be in this cultural "No Matter What" season. In this episode, we discuss: How it is vital to remember the humanity of politicians and the people behind certain positions, and how to do that How to respond to the friend or family member who says, "You cannot be a Christian and vote for X, and I denounce you if you do." How to personally decide what issues are essential or hills to die on, and what aren't How to not just survive election day and following, but actually lean into the tension and grow as people How the "peace walls" in Northern Ireland were ineffective and what we can learn from that How Jesus teaches us to live together when politics pull us apart Scripture mentioned: Romans 12:18 Luke 19:1-10 Resources mentioned: Sarah's book: The Space Between Us  Episode sponsors: Faithful Counseling - Professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective Live True: 40 Days To Get Back to You by Christy Wright My theme song and ad music is by my amazing friend, Shaylee Simeone. Check her out.

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