20. When you wonder "who am I now?"

If you've ever found yourself in a season of transition, fog, or wondered "Who am I now, Lord?" this conversation with Barbara Rainey will speak to you. Barbara is wise, gentle, and real. I was so encouraged by our time talking together-- and I know you will be too.  In this episode, we discuss: How can we know we are where God wants us and He is with us in it? How God doesn't do the same thing with everyone How can we learn and practice a rich and honest prayer life? What to do when you're disappointed with God What practical steps can we take to be who God created us to be when we don't really know who we are in a new season? How the fruit of spiritual maturity actually looks a lot different than we think it should Scripture Mentioned: Job 13:15 Hab 3:17-19 Resources Mentioned: More about Barbara: theraineys.org Barbara's book: My Heart, Ever His Barbara's Product line and blog: Ever Thine Home Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest Crossway's Devotional Psalter My theme song and ad music is by my amazing friend, Shaylee Simeone. Check her out.

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