19. When you don't know who God is

Meet my newest soul sister, or perhaps you already know and love her, Tara-Leigh Cobble. She's on a mission to find all the joy and she'd love for you to come along with her. In this episode, Tara-Leigh and I discuss about 100 things I'm passionate about, but especially how we have been created to know who God is, have fellowship with Him, and how we have unlimited access to Him through His very Word. In this episode, we discuss: How knowing the character of God can carry you through the hardest of seasons How to hold steadfast to who God says He is, instead of letting your circumstances define Him and your theology How reading the Bible chronologically can change your life 3 mistakes we often make when studying God's Word How to start reading the Bible on your own, but not alone Scripture mentioned: Psalm 16:11 Psalm 145:17 Resources mentioned: Matthew Henry's Commentaries D-Group The Bible Recap Podcast The Bible Recap Book Dr. Tom Constable's Notes Talk Through The Bible

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