Part 2: Elisha Cuthbert & News (ACS Apr 7)

Actress Elisha Cuthbert joins the show and remembers the time she came on Loveline with Adam and Dr. Drew back in 2004 while promoting The Girl Next Door. Adam asks her about starting off as a hand model before getting into acting and the gang talks about how hockey players and chefs are the most attractive professions to women. Then they discuss the convenience of Waze while traveling around Los Angeles. After that, Elisha talks about her new movie The Cellar and Adams asks about her 3-Time NHL All-Star husband Dion Phaneuf. Before they wrap, Gina reports on today’s news including: Sean Penn appearing on Hannity to discuss the war in Ukraine, zoo animals in Ukraine being put down, a Will Smith update including Jada’s former lover August Alsina ready to come forward with details about their affair, Chris Rock’s brother calling out Will Smith, and Mark Wahlberg selling his Beverly Hills mansion. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: enter ADAM Pluto.TV

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