Seeds & Ideas: How do they grow?

What does a seed need to grow? A kid? An idea? Andrew & Polly ask many different people about growing many different things. How does bird poop bring the world together? With peppers, of course! Uncle Fred tells us about germination, the first World's Hottest Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), and... BIRD POOP. If you aren't a dragon and like spicy stuff, you can check out the Sparkling River Pepper Company's smoke dried peppers, sauces and spice blends at Our neighbor Miriam takes us to visit the Peace Garden, an urban garden space at Peace4Kids in South Central Los Angeles for youth in the foster care system. Zaid started the garden, Alex tends it, and a blue-bellied lizard named Tom visits it. Miriam, Alex, and Zaid talk about the garden, their work with youth in foster care through the non-profit Peace4Kids, what nature means to them, and what seeds - and ideas - need to grow. You can learn more and support their work at and see Miriam's artwork at Many thanks to Fred Gray, Miriam Cortez, Alex Zalder, Zaid Gayle, and our friends Amelia, Bennett, Charlie, Sam and Kalinga for talking to us about growing all kinds of things.  To be on the show or to find out more, visit Thanks to Shopify for supporting Ear Snacks. Go to for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features.

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