The Goal

The Goal is about new global principles of manufacturing. It's about people who try to understand what makes their world tick so that they can make it better. As they think logically and consistently about the problems, they are able to determine cause and effect relationships between their actions and the results. 

Developed by Eli Goldratt, The Goal contains a serious message for all managers in the industry and explains the ideas, which underline the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Goldratt believes that the goal of an individual or an organisation shouldn’t be defined in absolute terms. A good definition of a goal is one that sets us on a path of ongoing improvement. Pursuing such a goal necessitates more than one breakthrough—if anything, it requires many.


In this week’s episode, Jonesy and Ashton identify the breakthroughs that we should have to understand the underlying rules of our environment, and hopefully help us elevate the constraints in our personal or professional life. 

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