[S5, E30] What It's Like To Be An F1 Driver! IN DEPTH with Max Chilton

This week Tony and I are joined by ex-Formula 1 driver Max Chilton for a fascinating chat. We discuss:

00:37 Welcome Max Chilton! 

05:33 Max has been on STG before?!

06:51 How did you get into a racing career? 

09:47 How easy is it to get in and go with a race car? 

13:40 The money behind the racing. 

17:17 How do F3 & F2 cars compare? 

18:47 Do road cars matter if you’re already racing and what was your first car?

23:00 The start of your Formula 1 career! 

32:10 How did your life change when you entered the world of F1?

37:00 How did an uncompetitive F1 car feel to drive? 

44:00 Your career after F1

47:00 No more racing just razzing about in a baby Batmobile? 

51:39 What other cars have you owned? 

1:03:45 When did you realise it was time to start the entrepreneur chapter of your life. 

1:10:30 Do you have any career regrets?

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