7 Courageous Questions from Ian Cron [S05-037]

When was the last time someone asked you a question that set you back on your heels?

I've always been more interested in questions than answers. So, I keep a notebook of powerful questions that upend me, subvert my assumptions, and stop me in my tracks. 

Most of us already have the answer to life's questions; it's just that we're waiting for someone to come along with the key to open the door to answers we already have in our hearts, souls, and minds. The key to that is great questions. Probably more than any other single piece of input in my life, what has driven change in me has been great questions.  

And today, I'm giving you a peek into my notebook of outstanding questions that force you to go inside and wrestle with ideas and feelings that can change the direction of your life. 

I'll also be posting a question on social media every day for the next week, and I'd love for you to engage with me. Perhaps you'll resonate with a few of mine or share your gems I can add to my notebook. I'm always jotting down new ones as I come across them. For example, I added a new one from a Typology Institute member this past Tuesday. 

So, listen to or watch this episode, then share your thoughts with me on Instagram or Facebook.

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