Podcast 353: Why you can't pay attention + how to think deeply again (with Johann Hari)

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak to journalist and best-selling author Johann Hari about his incredible new book Stolen Focus, why our inability to focus, think deeply and pay attention has dramatically decreased, and what we can do about this as individuals and as a society.

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Get Johann's book here: stolenfocusbook.com


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3:10 Johann Hari’s fascinating history

4:40 The power of curiosity

6:05 What is happening to our attention spans & why it is becoming harder and harder to focus

6:50 The different factors affecting our ability to pay attention in the modern world

12:38 Why Johann decided to write Stolen Focus

21:00 Pathologizing the individual versus dealing with social problems

21:30 How the business model behind modern technology & social media is designed to steal our attention

36:00 The power of working together to change society

40:30 Why we all need to read more

49:00 What is happening to children’s attention & focus

51:50 Why children need to play

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