Podcast 350: Why it’s so hard to ask for help + life-changing lessons from a rope maze experiment

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about the importance of asking for help, and why we all need help at times! The Beatles really got it right. There are times when we will cry out “Help, I need somebody!”. We can’t do everything alone, and we shouldn’t be shamed for needing help.

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3:30 Why it can be hard to ask for help

5:00 Why we need a lot of self-compassion

9:20 Learning to listen to our “wise mind”

10:30 What the rope maze can teach you about asking for help

17:30 Why we need each other!

20:10 Why some people may find it challenging to ask for help

21:28 It is not just about you—it is about you in the world

22:00 The importance of the default mode network & asking for help

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