Podcast 328: The Main Signals of Depression + How to Find Healing

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I discuss the common signs of depression, why we should never be afraid of seeking help, how we can learn to manage depression, and more!

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3:00 What is depression?

4:30 Depression as a signal

6:00 Depression & the mind

11:40, 17:30 What are the main signals of depression?

14:00 Using mind management to deal with feelings of depression

17:00 Why it takes time to learn how to manage depression

22:00 The 4 main types of signals

30:00 The importance of being kind to ourselves

30:30, 36:00 Why we need to get to the “why” behind the depression

30:45 The scale of depression

36:05 Why things sometimes get worse before they get better

36:30 The importance of a strong support system


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