A Neurocycle to improve low self-esteem & lack of confidence + how to find your identity again after a crisis or challenge

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about identity and its relationship to mental health, and how our environment shapes and impacts our individuality. I decided to do this episode in response to the many messages and emails I get from people who are struggling with low self-esteem—people who feel that their identity has been crushed or stolen by the challenges they have faced.

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2:30 What is identity?

6:10 How our environment can impact our identity

7:20 Perfectionism and identity

8:15 How our experiences can shape how we see ourselves and the world

11:00 How an identity crisis can impact your mental wellbeing

19:05 An enhancement versus a competitive mindset: which is better?

21:00 How to manage envy and jealousy

24:00 Signs of an identity crisis

24:27 Identity and social media

25:20 No one else can do what you can do—no one thinks, feels or chooses like you do

28:30 Nature v. nurture

28:50 What is your I-factor?

44:25 Why identity is not a fixed thing—it is a process

49:30 How to mind-manage an identity crisis and do an “identity check”

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