Unwiring perfectionism + why we need to go from “stiff” thinking to flexible thinking and how this can help reduce anxiety & stress (with Poppy Jamie)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with Poppy Jamie, founder of Happy Not Perfect, a popular podcast and meditation app for anxiety. We discuss everything from understanding anxiety and the importance of self-compassion to the link between mind, brain and body, how to own and manage panic attacks and anxiety, and how to unwire perfectionism once and for all! 

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4:00, 35:00 The difference between flexible & stiff thinking

11:40 Why we should never compare our traumas to other people’s mental health struggles

13:30 The importance of acknowledging, not suppressing, how you feel

14:50 Why you should give yourself permission to have a “recovery day/week/month” after small & big stressors

15:42 The dangers of perfectionism

16:30 Why Poppy wrote her book Happy Not Perfect

17:00 Why Meditation doesn’t work for everyone

20:50 The dangers of black & white thinking

28:55 Why need to examine & challenge our core beliefs

38:30 Why we should be changing!

39:40 The importance of connection, curiosity, choice & commitment

48:00 Choosing between fear & love

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