Why we shouldn't (and can't) "forgive & forget" the past and trauma + how to use mind-management & reconceptualizing techniques to heal how the past plays out into the future

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about why forgetting doesn’t fix or heal something, and how to use reconceptualizing and mind-management to heal the past and find true and sustainable peace. 

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2:07 Why forgetting doesn’t fix something

2:20 Thoughts are real things in our brain that impact us mentally and physically

2:46 Your mind is not your brain

3:50 Our experiences change our brain and biology

4:51 Why we need to make our thoughts and experiences work for us and not against us through mind management

5:35 Why we cannot just forget what we have experienced, and how suppressing or ignoring a painful experience can impact our health

9:25 How our immune system responds to our negative experiences

11:30 Why trauma and toxic experiences are so hard to process

16:10, 36:15 Why we cannot just pretend something didn’t happen to us or try to suppress a bad memory

16:35 How to face your issues and reconceptualize them using mind management

19:00 Why we need to connect with others and share what we are going through to get context and perspective

28:22 Techniques to deal with negative experiences in the moment when everything seems too much

30:40 Why we cannot change or heal what we are not aware of

32:05 How to compartmentalize toxic memories and experiences so that you can calm down and cope in the moment


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