How daydreaming can improve your mental health & cognitive flexibility + tips to get the most out of your “Thinker” moments

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Although it may seem contradictory, letting your mind daydream is actually really good for your mental health! In this podcast I talk about the many mental and physical health benefits of just letting your mind wander, and how to do "thinker" moments correctly so you get the most out of these moments. 

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4:00 Why daydreaming is so good for your mind and brain

4:20 The mind is always active, even when you are asleep

5:55 How daydreaming harnesses the power of your mind

6:42 What is a thinker moment?

7:20 Why the brain needs to rest

8:00 How thinker moments reboot the brain

8:10 How thinker moments improve mental and brain health

12:00 The science behind daydreaming

17:33 How thinker moments bring balance in the brain

20:20 How to use thinker moments to improve your health


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