How to do inner child work to heal trauma + how to find the right therapist to help you heal your trauma

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with trauma survivor and life coach Nate Postlethwait about recovering from trauma, how to do inner child work to heal childhood trauma, and the cleansing power of grief and finding true, long-term healing.

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3:08 How understanding the mind-brain connection helped Nate deal with his trauma

7:34 Why Nate became a certified wellness coach

9:40 Nate’s inspiring story

14:00 The cleansing power of grief

17:30 Why there is nothing natural about trauma

22:00 How shame is related to human innocence

24:20 Why trauma and sexuality are two very different things

27:16 How to deal with the grief of lost time

39:20 The danger of conversion therapy

45:08 How to help someone who has experienced trauma

51:32 Why agency is so important when it comes to healing

1:03:00 The power of breath work


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