How to optimize mental clarity, focus, memory, & mood by monitoring your glucose + how stress affects glucose levels, and how I used a Neurocycle to lower a stress-induced glucose spike!

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with Josh Clemente, one of Levels a company that developed a smart tracker that monitors your blood glucose in real time, so you can maximize your diet, exercise, mental health and overall wellbeing. Josh and I discuss the importance of tracking your glucose levels, how to know what changes to make based on the data, techniques to balance glucose levels and increase metabolic flexibility, how sleep affects glucose levels, how to use a glucose monitor to improve mental health and decrease the risk for neurodegenerative diseases, and so much more! Plus, I share how I used a Neurocycle to lower a stress-induced glucose spike! 

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7:53 What is Levels, and how can it help you?

11:00 Why it is important to prevent major health issues by monitoring our health BEFORE we get sick

17:00 How toxic stress impacts our glucose levels and health

23:11 How controlling your glucose levels can give you more energy

28:46 How our glucose levels can affect memory and brain health, and its relationship to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s

33:50 How sleep is affected by irregular glucose levels, and how sleep affects our blood sugar

40:00 How “diseases of abundance” have affected our health as a species, and why self-regulation is so important when it comes to our health

43:53 Mental health, mood and glucose monitoring

45:00 The relationship between mind management, stress and metabolism


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