Overcoming the fear of failure & self-doubt + tips on how to deal with working-mom guilt, and sexism in the workplace (with certified life and business coach Christy Wright)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Starting your own business can be challenging, but it can also be one of the best things you do! In this podcast I speak with certified life and business coach, bestselling author and podcast host Christy Wright about tips to overcoming your fear and putting yourself out there, how to manage your mental health and stress when starting or running your own business, how to overcome parent guilt, how to deal with sexism in the workplace and become your own advocate, the best ways for dealing with failures in business, and more!

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2:20 What is the Business Boutique Academy?

4:43 Tips to start your own business

7:49 How women can reduce their anxiety and fear in the workplace

15:33 How to deal with the fear of failure

24:00 How to deal with guilt as a working mom

27:23 Dealing with sexism in the workplace

32:50 How to be more confident in business


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