How a little ignorance & less choice can reduce anxiety, frustration and depression + How to Become a Better Decision Maker and Overcome Buyer's Remorse (with professor Barry Schwartz)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: I think we can all agree that freedom of choice is a good thing, but what happens when there are too many choices? I also don't know about you but I really find myself getting stressed when I am faced with too many options, and then have major buyer's remorse! In this podcast I speak with author and professor Barry Schwartz about the paradox of choice, how too many choices causes anxiety, tips to become a better decision maker, how to overcome buyer’s remorse, how our choices affect us mentally and physically, and more!

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Podcast Highlights

4:25 Why having less choices is better for our mental health

9:15 Why too many choices overwhelm us and leave us dissatisfied

18:03 How negative choices us affect our mental and physical wellbeing

19:55 Why being grateful is a habit we need to develop

29:00 How too many choices affect our ability to choose well

36:04 How great abundance can lead to depression

46:52 Is ignorance really bliss?

50:55 How to overcome decision-making anxiety

56:11 How to deal with buyer’s remorse

58:40 How too many choices lead to overthinking

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