What NOT to say when apologizing, how to strengthen your relationship “immune system” + common mistakes people make in relationships (with Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy)

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Did you know that there a formula to all happy relationships, whether you are talking about your relationship with your dog or your relationship with your partner? In this podcast I speak with Harvard-trained psychologist, relationship and communications expert, award winning author Dr. Melanie Joy about the formula for getting relationships right, common psychological dynamics that underpin all kinds of relationships, how to strengthen our relationship “immune system”, how to apologize, common mistakes people make in relationships and how to fix them, and so much more!

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For more info on Dr. Melanie Joy visit: melaniejoy.org

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Podcast Highlights

2:37 Why we need to look at relationships holistically

6:35 How to get relationships right

9:32 How our relationships become dysfunctional, and what we can do to fix them

16:41 The formula for healthy relationships

20:14 How to communicate better in relationships

30:42 How the stories we tell about ourselves can affect our identity and mental wellbeing

32:00 The danger of contempt and shame, and how it impacts our relational and mental health

38:00 How to strengthen your relational “immune system”

47:55 How to apologize better in a relationship

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