Inside the mind of a psychopath + solving the nature vs. nurture debate when it comes to mental illness (Interview with Professor James Fallon)

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Psychopaths: just the word conjures up images of scary, elusive figure intent on doing harm. But is being diagnosed as a psychopath a life sentence? Can they ever change? In this podcast I speak with Dr. James Fallon, neuroscientist, researcher, professor and diagnosed psychopath, about the role of nature versus nurture, getting inside the mind of a psychopath, how early childhood trauma can impact our development, the different kinds of empathy, the power of self-awareness and self-regulation, how to turn your weakness into your greatest strength, and more!

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Podcast Highlights

7:10 How James found out he is a psychopath

10:50 How childhood trauma can affect our genes

17:30 Why both nature and nurture are important when it comes to our mental health

22:30 How psychopaths’ brains are different from “normal” brains

29:35 What is a psychopath?

39:00 Why we are so fascinated with psychopaths

49:45 How a sociopath is different to a psychopath

1:02:00 How we can use self-regulation and self-awareness to rewire our brains and overcome negative genetic traits

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