The Mental Health Benefits of a Good Argument + Dispelling Common Myths That Could be Sabotaging Your Relationships (with Relationship Expert Monica Berg)

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Relationships can be tough, especially during a global pandemic! Many of us are spending more time than ever before with our partner, while COVID-19 has made it harder to connect with others if we are single and looking for a relationship. Thankfully, whether we are single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, there are things we can do now to attract the kind of love we want in our lives, as I discuss in this podcast interview with bestselling author, speaker and couple’s counselor Monica Berg. We talk about everything you need to know about healthy relationships, including why we need to rethink love, how to attract the kind of love you want, rekindling love in your life, building frameworks for lasting and fulfilling relationships, tips for single people, how to become more comfortable with change, why we need to argue more and how to argue better. 

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Podcast highlights:

3:00 How to overcome the fear of change

7:10 How to stop letting emotions rule your life

11:40 Why we need to rethink love, and why the most important relationship you have is with yourself

15:55 How to love yourself and overcome shame, fear and guilt

19:10 Tips for single people looking for a great relationship

20:49 Why you need to be your own personal “baggage claim”, and the danger of going into a relationship waiting for the other person to make you happy

23:00 The difference between unconditional and ego-based love, and how to have a successful relationship

29:00 How to argue better

36:14 The one thing you can do now for a better relationship

40:45 Are dating apps good for us?

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