How Neurofeedback & Brain Maps Can Help Treat Depression, Anxiety, Addiction & PTSD (Interview with Dr. Andrew Hill)

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Show Description:  For many people, brain maps can be quite alien and strange. What are they telling us? What do they mean? Do all these shapes and colors and symbols mean there is something terribly wrong with me? It certainly doesn’t help when you read sensationalist headlines like “This is your brain on drugs!” or “This is what happens to your brain when you are stressed!”, which only serve to make us more nervous about what is happening between our ears. In this podcast, I speak with UCLA-trained neuroscientist, top performance coach and founder of The Peak Brain Institute Dr. Andrew Hill about what brain scans an tell us about our brain, the role they play in neurofeedback therapy, how neurofeedback and brain scans can boost our performance and help treat depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD, the myth of the normal brain, how to biohack sleep, and so much more!  

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Podcast Highlights

2:22 How Andrew helps people heal their brains and reach their full potential

13:00 What a QEEG is and why it is important

21:50 How neurofeedback can change our brains

28:00 The myth of the normal brain

33:07 Biohacking the brain and body: the power of fasting and sleep

45:30 How neurofeedback can enhance performance

48:04 The importance of mindfulness

49:58 How neurfeedback can improve our mental health

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