How to Overcome Emotional & Compulsive Eating + Tips on How to Help Someone with an Eating Disorder Find Freedom with Food (with Certified Eating Psychology Coach Jessi Jean)

Food can bring people together—just try think about one major event or holiday that is not marked by a shared meal. However, for many people, food can also be crutch, something that holds them back and prevents them from living the life they want. In this podcast, I talk with certified eating psychology coach Jessi Jean about compulsive eating habits and self-sabotaging behaviors, emotional binging, the different kinds of eating disorders, why diets often don’t work, and how to find freedom with food.  

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Podcast Highlights

1:45 Why you need to give yourself permission to reinvent yourself

5:11 Why what we are trying to hide from others will eventually explode

9:50 Healing your relationship with food is a multidimensional process

15:26 True behavior change is identity-shifting

17:55 Food and addiction

25:00 What is binge eating?

31:00 How to find freedom with food

39:34 What is the difference between binge eating and behaviors like bulimia and anorexia? Plus how to deal & heal

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