How to unsubscribe from toxic thinking with Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Sasha Heinz

2020 has definitely been one for the books, and it isn’t even over yet. Amid a global pandemic, so much is uncertain and unknown. What will the future look like? What will tomorrow look like? What will the world be like after all of this is over? It is not surprising that so many people are struggling with anxiety, grief, depression, anger and loneliness—we have all experienced low moments over the past few months. Thankfully, there is a way we can calm the mental chaos we are experiencing and take back control. In this week’s podcast and blog, I speak with Harvard-trained psychologist and health coach Dr. Sasha Heinz about why we struggle to get a handle on our anxiety, how to go from knowing what to do to doing it, how we can unsubscribe from our thoughts, how to handle pandemic fears and frustrations and what we can do now to create our own future, even when facing the unknown.      

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Podcast Highlights

2:00 The intention-action gap, and how to overcome it

7:18 How to get unstuck & control the mental chaos

24:11 The different components of wellbeing

27:30 Why we need to think about our thinking

32:50 How to deal with grief and negative emotions

36:40 The difference between clean pain and dirty pain

40:35 How to unsubscribe from your own thoughts

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