How to Protect Your Mental Health When Fighting Injustices and Standing Up Against the “Boy’s Club” + Tips on How to Deal with the Loss of a Tribe and Stability with Jen Hatmaker

Join my text group for more tips, notifications of sales, and more! Just text DRLEAF to 80519     Fighting injustice and fighting for what you believe often sounds exciting, but it can come at a great cost. Yet the cost of being inauthentic, of denying who you are and what you believe in, is often greater, and can keep you in bondage, as I discuss in this week’s blog and podcast with speaker, NY Times best-selling author and top podcast host Jen Hatmaker. As Jen discusses in her amazing new book Fierce, Free and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Gloriously You, even though standing up for what you believe is right and embracing who you are and what you want in life can be challenging, the struggle is worth it. On the other side you will find beauty, fulfillment and true freedom.     This week's podcast is made possible by our sponsor BiOptimizers (my favorite supplement company)! BiOptimizers is giving away a FREE bottle of their patented proteolytic probiotic P3-OM until the end of this month. Go to You will automatically get access to your unique coupon code to claim your free bottle. This is limited to one per household and this offer is only available at!     Podcast Time Stamps: 3:40 Why Jen believes women need to be free, and why we need to get over the “angry feminist” caricature 7:50 It is on us as women to say NO: we need to believe that we have agency and authority over our own lives 12:50 Why the patriarchy does a deep disservice to every man 13:50 How to discover the real you, and how this will help you find freedom! 17:28 How to deal with fear, pain and shame 23:00 Why you will know when you are not okay, and how you will feel your lack of peace in your body, in your mind, and in your life 26:29 We don’t need to be afraid of the truth, even hard truths 28:50 Jen’s story, and why belonging, success, and authority were not enough 31:39 How Jen dealt with the backlash, and why freedom is its own reward 36:38 How to be fierce, free and full of fire   For more info on Jen and to get her amazing new book visit:   Read the show blog and transcript:       Additional Resources: -Get my new brain detox app SWITCH on sale now! Get 50% off a 3 month subscription. Just look for Switch on Your Brain in the App Store or Google Play or visit:   -Get any of my books, DVDs, and workbooks for less 25% with code DRLEAF at checkout:   Visit my website at for more free resources, tips, and tools to help you improve and heal your mental health! And be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get even more mental self-care tips delivered to your inbox weekly and to see my upcoming events (you can sign up at!)   Follow me on social media for daily mental self-care tips!   -Instagram: @drcarolineleaf:   -Facebook: Dr. Caroline Leaf:   -Twitter: @drcarolineleaf:   -Youtube:     If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 review on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media! For podcast sponsorship inquiries, questions regarding the episode, or topic suggestions please email

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