How to take back control of your genes AND the secrets to aging in reverse with Harvard geneticist David Sinclair, Ph.D

Harvard professor David Sinclair believes that not only can we slow aging down, we can actually reverse it. In this episode, David Sinclair explains the three levels of aging, and what can be done on each level. He describes the lifestyle changes that slow aging down, the drug treatments that begin to stop aging, and experimental new procedures that may actually reverse aging once they are fully developed. David, who has spent decades researching longevity and ageing notes how 80% of how we age is up to us. Although many of us view ageing means a decline in function over time leading to disease and death, we don’t just have to accept that as we get old we will get sick!    Podcast Time Stamps 1:50 Why David does what he does  3:54 Is aging a disease? And what can we do about this? 8:13 Why 80% of health in old age is up to you 10:13 How we can change our epigenome 23:07 How David’s father uses his son’s research 26:00 The current pandemic 36:20 Covid-19 treatments​ 39:20: How David overcame major life setbacks​ like rejection and homelessness!    To connect with David and get his book visit: Read the episode blog and show notes:   This episode is made possible by our sponsors: -Blinkist (my favorite reading app and perfect for distracting you while you work out!): To get your free week on Blinkist AND 25% off your subscription see:   -Rothys (my new favorite shoe company and they make great gifts!): Check out all the amazing Rothys styles available right now at:   -Ritual (my favorite multivitamins!): To get 10% off your first three months of Ritual multivitamins see:   Additional Resources:   -Join my text group for more tips, notifications of sales, and more! Just text DRLEAF to 80519     -Get my new brain detox app SWITCH on sale now! Get 50% off a 3 month subscription. Just look for Switch on Your Brain in the App Store or Google Play or visit:     -Get any of my books, DVDs, and workbooks for less 25% with code DRLEAF at checkout:     -Register now for my 2020 Mental Health Summit Dec 3-5 in Dallas, TX! Early bird sale ends 4/30:     Visit my website at for more free resources, tips, and tools to help you improve and heal your mental health! And be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get even more mental self-care tips delivered to your inbox weekly and to see my upcoming events (you can sign up at!)       Follow me on social media for daily mental self-care tips! -Instagram: @drcarolineleaf: -Facebook: Dr. Caroline Leaf: -Twitter: @drcarolineleaf: -Youtube:         If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 review on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media! For podcast sponsorship inquiries, questions regarding the episode, or topic suggestions please email

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